Global demand for digital media and entertainment is on the rise, but many content creators who tell great stories still struggle to make ends meet.

In Southeast Asia, the vast majority of youths continue to lack access to opportunities to learn English and practice it on a regular basis.

Seakoel wants to change these realities by merging education with digital media. Our mission is to give a voice to those in Southeast Asia who have not yet joined the global conversation, and support those who already represent Southeast Asia on the global stage.

Seakoel grows Southeast Asia’s future storytellers.

Trained in ESL curriculum and teaching methods and well-versed in content writing and journalism best practices, our team builds future storytellers by providing training, connecting them to industry partners and giving them opportunities to work on real assignments for real audiences.

Helping others grow while we’re growing up ourselves

Seakoel was launched on December 2019, and our team is just as young. We love to hear, read and watch great content online, and we’re also equally passionate about paying it forward by playing our part in supporting Southeast Asia’s digital entertainment and media space.

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