The Write Question

Your writing class for just a story.

Want to practice writing English, get feedback from qualified writers AND get your work shared with readers online? Write a story between 500 to 800 words and send your draft to us with your title starting with “The Write Question”.

Get your writing out of the classroom.

Real Audiences

Real Mentors

Anytime, any day.

Your stories will be published online with Seakoel and our partners.

Professional writers vet your work and give you quality feedback.

Take all the time you need to write us your story.

Get started now.

Step 1

Choose one out of three questions and write us a story between 500 to 800 words.

Step 2

Submit your story with a title starting with “The Write Question” to us via email. Tell us which question you did.

Want a paid option? Tell us in your email and we will let you know what to do next.

Step 3

Give us about 48 hours to give your work a look, and we will get back to you with personalized feedback.

Pick a question below and write us your story.

  1. Tell us something interesting about your country.
  2. Tell us how it’s like to be a young person where you’re from.
  3. Share with us something in the news that interests you.

Free One-time feedback, or pay for more



  • Submit 1 story only
  • 1-time personalized report
  • Get your work published online

10 USD


  • Submit 1 story only
  • 1-time personalized report
  • 1-time personalized mini-guide with model writing example with practice
  • Get your work published online.

25 USD

Monthly Subscription

  • Submit up to 4 stories in a month.
  • Personalized report for ALL stories
  • Personalized mini-guide for ALL stories
  • Model writing examples with practice for ALL stories
  • Get your work published online.

Tell us your story today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is The Write Question for?

Anyone who wants to practice better writing. As long as you’re interested in learning how to write better and are full of interesting ideas, we welcome you!

Due to our limitations and content focus, we regret that we are only conducting this program for individuals who live in Southeast Asia.

  • How is The Write Question different from my usual English classes?

The Write Question is NOT an English language learning class. We focus more on writing methods and techniques that help you become a better writer.

When you submit your story to us, you will also get a chance to share what you write with real audiences around the world. You will be writing not just to write better in exams, but to also communicate more effectively for life.

  • Who will be reviewing my work?

Our team of professional writers and educators. Everyone on the team has extensive experience as freelance or full-time writers, editors and content strategists.

We may pitch your story to our partners at times. In these cases, editors based at our partners will also be reviewing your work.

  • How is the report different from the guide?

The personalised report highlights your mistakes and corrects them, and compares what you have written with other submissions to rank you on our internal leaderboard. We have plans to display this leaderboard in future, so do check back after a while!

The mini-guide evaluates what you have written and picks certain writing techniques you can immediately apply in your story for better results. It also includes a model essay for your reference, as well as a set of practice questions for you to try.

  • What do you mean by getting my work published online?

Seakoel maintains a blog on outstanding writing by youths and youth culture in Southeast Asia; your work will be published on our blog post-edits.

In addition, we will also pitch some of the stories we get from you to other partners based in Southeast Asia.

  • How can I pay for this?

We currently only accept payments via Paypal or TransferWise.